Shawn Winn, Draughtsman

I design and draw Joinery: doors, windows, stairs, furniture, kitchens, ornate timber pieces and assemblies and structural timber pieces and assemblies. Clients include joinery and furniture manufacturers, main contractors, developers, self-builders and homeowners. I survey sites, research and replicate styles and features, attend meetings, write reports and produce drawings ('survey,' 'feasibility', 'concept', 'approval', ‘manufacture', 'construction on site' and 'as built').

For Engineering firms and metal fabricators, I design and draw engineering components and assemblies. Areas of expertise include stairs and balustrading, ducting, movement control joints, structural steel fabrications and agricultural fabrications.

For main contractors, developers and self-builders, I design and draw Mechanical and Electrical arrangements for all kinds of buildings. This usually means coordinating electrical, lighting, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilation and heat recovery services. I don’t pretend to understand any one of these disciplines nearly as well as the professionals who make it their trade. The tradespeople themselves, however, appreciate the significance of an integrated and coherent ‘M & E’ scheme and are normally very pleased to share their knowledge. Main contractors appreciate an improved workflow on site. Building owners appreciate an accurate visual record of hidden services.

For main contractors and self-builders, I design and draw Construction Details – mainly for improved building performance. Particularly where junctions and corners don’t lend themselves to continuity, a simple building fabric makeup is never as simple as it sounds. Drawings make the difference between poor and excellent building performance.

I am not (and I don’t pretend to be) an Architect. I work with, between and around architects, but rarely occupy their space. On large projects I prepare ‘shop’ drawings for architects to approve, thereby operating in the space between ‘design intent’ and manufacture/construction. On small projects I ensure there is no space between ‘design intent’ and manufacture/construction.

I am sometimes called an Interior Designer. It’s not a bad fit, but it seems to lose relevance with every exterior task. I stick with Draughtsman because it always fits. It sometimes confuses, but that becomes an advantage when confusion yields further enquiry which, in turn, yields better understanding. If it confuses search engines as my web developer warns, perhaps that advantages the built environment in Devon and Cornwall in the same way that it advantages me. It preserves the unique.

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